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Richard Bernstein – Jean Cocteau

Jean Cocteau silkscreen on canvas

50" W X 72" H Signed Richard Bernstein

Richard Bernstein – Jean Cocteau

Richard Bernstein - Poppers

Poppers silkscreen on paper

(1970’s) 45 x 30 ¾ inches signed LR “Richard Bernstein”

Richard Bernstein - Poppers

“Poppers” the politically incorrect print of the Studio 54 Disco drug. At one point, Richard Bernstein silkscreened them onto Grace Jones' pants for one of her performances and she wore a green chandelier capsule headdress with a blouse that had purple fur sleeves; truly outrageous! But that was Richard. Paloma Picasso describes them as ‘missiles’ (Richard Bernstein made the covers for Andy Warhol's Interview Magazine.)

Richard Bernstein, Mega-Star. New York: Indigo Books, 1984, p. 3

Diameter: 45 x 30 ¾ inches

Remember the Maine

(John) Gutzon (De La Mothe) Borglum

(Bear Lake, Idaho 1867 –1941 Chicago, Illinois)

Remember the Maine

Tondo (roundel) in tropical woods, silver-gilt bronze surround, with (verso) geometric designs in wood marquetry

Diameter: 35 4/5 inches (91 cm)